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I used to use a free email autoresponder to build up my list and I spent a lot of time building up my subscriber base over a couple of years. However I got burned when the service became more and more unreliable.

My newsletters wouldn’t get sent out on time, many people weren’t receiving the ones that did get sent out. It was a complete mess. Plus there was no way to migrate my list over to another service. At that point, I decided to investigate other email autoresponders and that’s when I found AWeber.

AWeber Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the single most important aspect of any autoresponder. If your emails aren’t getting delivered to your subscribers, then what’s the point, right? Aweber boasts 99%+ email deliverability rates because of existing relationships they have with ISPs to ensure your emails are not getting blocked and strong anti-spam policies to make sure things stay that way.

This is the main reason to subscribe to an autoresponder service like AWeber, and not run your own autoresponder server. While the up-front costs may be cheaper to do it yourself, it is unlikely you can get very good email deliverability rates yourself.

Based on my own results with using AWeber, I can say that AWeber’s email deliverability rates are excellent and you can easily confirm this yourself by reading any of the popular internet marketing forums.

How I Use AWeber

I’ve been using AWeber for my email marketing efforts for almost 6 years now. On this blog in particular, you can see I’m using it to power my Link Building Lab newsletter series where I share many of the link building strategies I personally use.

If you take a look at my squeeze page, you can see I’m collecting emails using an email opt-in form. The squeeze page is actually powered by OptimizePress which integrates with my AWeber form code to create a nice looking opt-in form.

Alternatively, I’m also using a lightbox popup script to get additional email subscribers as well. I’ve played around with several different plugins for this, but the best one I’ve used is Hybrid Connect. Not only can it do lightbox popups, but it can help you easily integrate opt-in forms anywhere on your blog.

AWeber – Easy To Use

Where AWeber really stands out is its ease of use. Whenever you create a new list, you’re guided by an intuitive Setup Wizard which guides you through the process. As you fill out each field, helpful tooltips appear which tells you what you need to be entering. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch the videos they have for each step of the process.

Creating opt-in forms with AWeber is relatively simple. There’s a built-in form wizard that allows you to customize your own opt-in forms using a point and click interface. They also include a wide variety of form templates to start from and it allows people who don’t have any HTML or CSS experience to still create nice looking forms.

AWeber Form Editor

With that said, I’m personally not a big fan of the form editor. I’ve found that it just doesn’t offer me the amount of control I need to create my forms exactly how I like them. I’d rather just use Hybrid Connect’s excellent web form builder which is much easier to use.

AWeber Email Marketing Features

Where AWeber can take your email marketing efforts to the next level is with its excellent split testing and email marketing analytics capabilities.

With each web form you create, you get statistics for each individual form showing you how many times the form has been shown and how many submissions it has received.


Not only that, but you can easily split test any number of forms as well. Just choose the forms you want want to include in your split test and you can specify how often each form is shown. This is the best way to test out various form styles and headlines and pick the best one that gets you the most subscribers.

AWeber can also provide you with some advanced email analytics if you install a snippet of javascript on your site. You’ll want to play around with this yourself, but one of my favorite features is the ability to track clicks through my own domain. I find this gets better click through rates when people see my domain in their emails instead of

AWeber Pricing

Investing in an autoresponder is a long term commitment as switching services is not something you will want to do often. AWeber isn’t the cheapest autoresponder around, but its prices are more than reasonable. Like most other services, it features a tiered pricing structure based on the number of subscribers you have in your account.

For up to 500 subscribers, AWeber will cost you $19 a month. While a comparable plan from GetResponse might actually be a bit cheaper, once you get to 500-5000 subscribers AWeber actually becomes more affordable. So keep this in mind as you start accumulating more and more subscribers.

AWeber also offers a $1 trial for the first month and a 30 day risk free guarantee. So if you try them out and you don’t like them for whatever reason you can always get your money back.

Final Thoughts

If you do any research on autoresponders, you’ll find that AWeber consistently tops the list of the most recommended autoresponder on forums and by other bloggers. And for good reason too.

AWeber has become an indispensable part of my online business. It’s the foundation of my email marketing efforts and allows me to be able to reliably reach my subscribers and provide valuable content to them. In turn, this helps me to build up a following of loyal fans which improves my brand and helps me sell my own products.

So if you are in the market for a reliable autoresponder, then definitely give AWeber a try.

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  1. Lisa K says

    Long time Aweber user and I like them a lot. Back when I was picking an autoresponder I took a look at both Mailchimp and GetResponse as alternatives. Mailchimp was easy to use, but they don’t let you put affiliate links in your emails. GetResponse was pretty good, but I just liked Aweber better.

    I don’t like their recent user interface changes though. I wish they stuck with the original one. Still, you can’t beat their deliverability which is why i’ll keep sticking with them.

  2. says

    Good review! I think AWeber is definitely one of the most expensive providers out there, but the difference is that they deliver the promised value!

  3. says

    The most compelling evidence for Aweber seems to be the nearly universal rave reviews of those using it. There’s something about a monthly fee that makes me nervous. But someday I’m convinced I will begin with Aweber.
    Corky Swanson recently posted..Best Blu-ray PlayerMy Profile

  4. says

    I tried out a self hosted autoresponder back in the day and that was a bad move. Then I started using Aweber and I am super happy with it. I noticed in the comments that some people were concerned about the cost. If you were to start up a real life business your expenses would be wayyy higher. With an online business you have your domain $10 per year. Hosting $60 per year. And Aweber $200 a year. Thats less than $300 per year in expenses. My list grew quite quickly and I went over the 500 subscriber amount in about six weeks. So I pay an extra $10 per month now. No big deal. Just make sure you have a sales funnel in place. You can easily pay a whole year of expenses from what you make in a single month. Just think of what you are doing as a business.
    Robert Kennedy recently posted..Achieving Your GoalsMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the Aweber review. Think I will give it a try for the special $1.. But as others have said hard to justify $20 per month when making $0 per month.. Then again it’s worth a shot.
    Thanks again Matt

  6. fay says

    Hi thanks for the info… I am someone only just starting up a business that requires this kinda thing, and I’m also someone who has no idea about email marketing and is really guessing her way through this, what would you recommend?

    Im gonna sign up for the Aweber trial month in the meantime and see if I can make sense of it. (my industry is fitness and well-being)

    • Josh says

      AWeber has a lot of resources to help you learn about email marketing in general that you might want to look at.

      My favorite course about email marketing though is Autoresponder Madness by Andre Chaperon. It’s done completely through email and it’s the best resource I’ve seen for teaching you how to build a highly responsive list.

  7. Chris says

    That’s a really detailed AWeber review Josh. I was wondering though if you could compare AWeber vs GetResponse. I’ve been researching various autoresponders and it seems like these are two of the most popular ones.

    However I’m having a hard time figuring out what the difference between the two are. Do you have any experience with GetResponse Josh?

    • josh says

      Hey Chris. I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask about GetResponse since I’ve only used the free account. However, I know there are several threads on the subject of AWeber vs GetResponse specifically over at WarriorForum. You may want to take a look there.

      Although, one feature that AWeber recently added that I don’t think GetResponse offers is the ability to send your autoresponder messages at a certain time of day. This can be a really useful for optimizing your open rates.

  8. says

    More than your AWeber review is the fact that you come up on the first page of Google for many niche keywords, Josh. I opted in to your email list to learn your secrets. Great review, btw.

    Getzie R. Lamar

  9. says

    I’m using Aweber for two years and I’ve had excellent results. I heard that “Get response” is very good too, but I agree that Aweber is even more popular.

    I recommend Aweber widely.

  10. Jeff says

    Hi Josh,

    Can you compare Aweber and I’ve heard some good things about AYL and their price is set up to 10,000 names on your list.



  11. says


    I am starting my blog but i have strong motivation and according to your reading and others it seems to be a good idea to use such emailing services as aweber if you want to build a list. I want to give registered users more stuffs like podcasts. It will help me to build my list and autoresponders seems a great idea for this. 20$ when you earn 0$ with your blog seems crazy but when you pay you have more motivation, so i hope to build a 499 users list in one year!

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