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I always set aside a small part of my day to check out my favorite internet marketing forums as there is always good discussions going on to learn from. Of course there’s a lot of misinformation as well, but you learn to filter out the bad stuff over time. A lot of the internet marketing tools and strategies I’ve tried have come as a result of recommendations I’ve read about on various forums. Plus, if you build up a good reputation on a particular forum, you will find they are a great way to make connections and even market your own products as well. So below is a list of some of the best Internet Marketing forums I check out everyday.

Vita Vee’s Forum – Unlike other self-professed gurus, I consider Vita Vee the current godfather of dominating the search engines. Check out any affiliate marketing product launch these days and you will see his student’s sites dominate the first page of the results. His forum has both public and private sections, but I highly recommend trying to get into his ‘From 0 to Profits’ course to study his SEO secrets. *HINT* He is a big fan of SENuke and SEOLinkVine.

Warrior Forum – This is one of the most well known internet marketing forums and it gets a ton of traffic. There’s always some interesting discussions going on, although you do have to filter out some of the useless info. Regardless, you should establish some sort of presence here as this is one of the best places to market your own product or service.

PPV Playbook Forum - The PPV Playbook Forum is hands-down the best PPV/CPV forum around. It’s a paid membership site run by David Ford that’s worth it’s weight in gold. On the forums you’ll find a number of case studies, landing page reviews, and some great discussion on various PPV techniques and strategies. The site is expanding rapidly, and it’s attracted a ton of A-list marketers to the site like Mr Green, Ryan Eagle, Jonathan Volk and Barman among others.

PPC Coach – This is easily the best forum for PPC coaching. This is another paid membership site that has been going strong for more than 2 years now. It has a very large and active membership base, and is where all the best pay-per-click marketers are hanging out. Great for newbies wanting to get their feet wet with PPC.

BlackHat World – Not only can you learn a lot, the forums is a really good place to find stuff…

These are just some of my favorite internet marketing forums to hang out at. What are some of your favorites?

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