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I’ve been using Market Samurai for more than 3 years now, and it is still my hands-down favorite keyword and niche research tool. I’ve used other tools like Keyword Elite 2.0 and Keyword Blueprint, but none of them can match the versatility and awesomeness that is Market Samurai. It’s just so easy to use, and I never enter any niche without running it through Market Samurai first.

In this Market Samurai review, I’m going to show you how it works, and how to take advantage of the software to discover some high traffic, low competition keywords that you can help you create profitable niche sites very simply.

When you open up Market Samurai you will find the following modules:

  • Keyword Research – Find additional related keywords to your seed keyword and analyze their traffic, Adwords value, competition, buying intent and more.
  • SEO Competition – Looks at the top ten results for your keyword and shows you how well they rank for a number of important SEO factors.
  • Domains – Find available domains that have your keywords in them. Perfect for creating those exact-match domain niche sites.
  • Rank Tracker – Add in your domains and keywords, and Market Samurai will show you where your sites rank for each of your keywords over time on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Monetization – Find products to promote on Clickbank, Amazon, CJ, and PayDotCom.
  • Find Content – Find content related to your keywords, which you can add to your website or blog or to use for research purposes.
  • Publish Content – Manage all your WordPress blogs in one place and publish your content to them easily
  • Promotion – Find Web 2.0 sites, blogs and forums that are related to your keyword where you can place your links on.

All the Market Samurai modules have their uses, but I find that I use the Keyword Research, SEO Competition and Rank Tracker modules almost daily. So let me go into more detail into how they work.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

When building niche websites, doing the proper keyword research is the key to success. You want to find keywords that get a lot of traffic, but don’t have so much competition that they are impossible to rank for. To start off with the keyword research module, you first need to enter in a seed keyword into Market Samurai. Hit the Generate Keywords button and Market Samurai will go out to Google and return you a list of relevant keywords to your seed keywords. You can filter this initial list by a variety of criteria, like traffic, phrase length, and positive and negative keywords.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

Next, you’ll want to drill down into each of these keywords by clicking the Analyze Keywords button. Market Samurai has a ton of data it can look up for each keyword including traffic stats (SEO and Adwords) and various SEO competition factors. You can then filter these analyzed results by setting thresholds for any of the different factors to come up with a handful of great keywords to actually target.

Market Samurai Keyword Competition

Once you have found some good prospective keywords, the next step is to analyze them with the SEO competition module. In here, Market Samurai will go out and look at the top 10 search results for your keyword and show you in an easy to read table how these sites rate for a variety of well known SEO factors. These includes domain age, Google PR, number of backlinks and keyword in title and url counts.

All backlink data now comes from MajesticSEO. You’ll also notice that the software incorporates Majestic’s new Trust and Citation flow metrics as well.

It’s really nice how Market Samurai color codes the various cells, so you can tell at a glance how difficult it would be to rank for your keyword. Red means difficult, yellow is average, and green is easy. So if the SEO competition table is filled with red cells, you know right away that ranking for this keyword will be quite challenging.


Market Samurai Rank Tracker

Once you’ve decided on the perfect keyword, and have built a site around it, you will soon want to track how well your site is ranking for that keyword. This is where the Rank Tracker module comes in. Here you can enter in a list of domains, and then a list of keywords you want to track for that domain. Select the search engines you want to check, and Market Samurai will go out to each one and tell you where your domain ranks for each keyword in your list. You’ll see the actual page url on your domain that is ranking, as well as its number of backlinks and page PR. The Rank Tracker will also keep track of your position and number of backlinks and you can pull up a nice looking graph to see how your site has improved over time.

The Rank Tracker module has evolved quite a bit over the years. It now features automatically weekly updates, email notifications and a much simpler interface than before. Unfortunately, it no longer became economical for the Market Samurai folks to offer free, unlimited keyword tracking. New users can track up to 10 keywords free, but there are also several paid plans depending on how many keywords you want to track.

Final Thoughts

One underrated aspect of Market Samurai is that it works on both Windows and Mac. As a Mac user, I really appreciate this a lot and it means I can use it on all my computers to do my niche research. I hope you can tell from my review that Market Samurai is a insanely powerful software for internet marketers, and I only touched on the few modules I use most. The software is actually capable of a whole lot more cool things as well.

Market Samurai Discount

Market Samurai normally can be purchased for $149 which is a great price for how often you are going to be relying on it. But did you know you can get a 35% Market Samurai discount just by downloading the free trial version first? The free trial is a great way to test out Market Samurai, and you can save $52 off the regular price after your trial is over. Download the trial right now, use the Keyword Research module and start finding profitable keywords that will make you some money.

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  1. says

    I’ve heard a lot about Market Samurai, from other internet marketers. I’ve been using Google Keywords, with ok results..but at times I could use a more effective tool. Having read this article gives me more interest to try out the Market Samurai trial and test it out before committing to it. Thanks for the review.


  2. says

    I was searching for reviews on Market Samurai and your site was on first page. Recently, I just bought a training course to promote Amazon products and Market Samurai tool was mentioned by the author but as an option. From your description above, I can now understand why and what the author is trying to teach us newbies on SEO traffic.

    This Market Samurai tool is a MUST for newbies!

    Thanks & Happy New Year 2012


  3. says

    Interesting article on Market Samurai. I’m happy to see you have pointed out in easy to read format the benefits of Market Samurai. I am considering giving it a shot, and I think this review may push me into at least giving the free trial a go.

  4. says

    Thanks for this great article. I was searching for a good Market Samurai review and yours is one is best.. I had already went through your link to buy my Market Samurai.

  5. says

    I have just brought Market Samurai after ‘playing’ around with the free version for a few days. I probably shouldn’t say this but at $97 this software is rather cheap in what it does and the time it can save you in your internet marketing. I have bought loads of SEO tools over the years and they are gathering dust on my desktop. This is definately THE tool that I will endevour to master (just take a day or two to review all the help videos) and you will have one of the best SEO tools on the market today at your disposal.

  6. says


    Im really enjoying this product. I’ve gotten sucked into SEO software but this is a great help. No black hat tricks just great info.
    Working on moving my site up.

  7. says

    I’ve has also been using Market Samurai in the trial mode that they offer before purchasing. It took a little while to find my way around but it seems to be an invaluable tool if SEO is important to you.

    I will be buying a copy once the trial finishes in a few days. It’s going to help!

  8. says

    I’ve been using Market Samurai in trial mode before making any decision to buy full version. So far it is a great software that make us easier to do keyword research, competition research, finding content and most importantly, determining whether the niche can give profits or not.

    Overall, Market Samurai is a recommendation for those who are in niche marketing and love to make money with adsense. Thanks for this review. It really helps. :)

  9. Darien says

    How do you compare market samurai to traffic Travis? Does MS have the ability for me to print out reports and graphs for me to show my clients.. Also does the software have a page analysis which tells me how to improve the SEO of my page?

    • josh says

      Hi Darien,

      Market Samurai doesn’t have much in the way of reporting functions beyond taking a screenshot of your screen and printing it out. And no, it does not have a page analysis module either. Still, since Traffic Travis is free, and it does have a page analysis module, I think both tools complement each other quite well. While they do have their similarities (like keyword research), they both do different things well.

    • josh says

      Hi Dorit,

      Market Samurai is a one-time purchase. Upgrades are free for life and one of the things I like most about Market Samurai is that it is constantly being updated.

  10. says

    I used to love this software, until i noticed that the traffic estimator was off for keywords we were already ranking #1 in Google for. According to MS, we should have been receiving 3K per day. We were getting that per month.

    Do you know if there is a bug? or an update on this issue?
    I emailed support, with no response.

  11. says

    Yes, I used the trial version and imediately bought it because it was so awesome and much easier to make money and get backlinks with this.

    • josh says

      Hi Marco. Yes, Market Samurai does support German, Italian and Spanish. You can change your language in the Project Settings.

  12. Linda says

    hi, thanks for this info, I just saw market samurai the other day & was interested to get it, so fab to hear it is well regarded. is it country specific in its analysis though? I am in Australia. thanks Linda

    • josh says

      Hi Linda. Yes, Market Samurai can definitely do that. Under Project Settings you can specify the region you want to use, and Australia is one of the options.

  13. says

    I am curious if market samurai is still the latest and best keyword tool out there now. Do you know if this tool is still on top of all others such as keyword elite? Let me know.

    • josh says

      Yes, Market Samurai is still very good and it’s constantly being updated. The latest update just made Market Samurai SUPER fast and it really is a pleasure to work with now.

  14. says

    I agree, Market Samurai is the best thing since slided bread! I have gotten 5 profitable sites on top of Google because of this software and if anyone who is thinking of entering the IM business I suggest you get a copy of MS ;) It’s better than Keyword Elite or any other for that matter.

  15. says

    Hi both myself and my wife Joanne have been using Market Samurai for 6 months and thoroughly recommend it – updates are so frequent and reliable. The keyword research tools are spot on, easy to use and quick. Agree with you 100%.

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