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Article Builder is a software service developed by Jonathan Leger that will help you generate unlimited amounts of articles with a click of a button.

How does it do this? Well Jon has created a massive database of categorized titles, introductory paragraphs and tips and snippets that have been extracted from a huge library of PLR content.

All this combines to create a highly readable article that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

How Article Builder Works

Article Builder is an online tool, so you can pretty much access it from anywhere. The interface is pretty plain, but that’s because it’s so simple to use.

To request an article, you first need to select from one of the available categories. Currently, there are 119 different categories ranging from Internet Marketing to Dog Training to Nutrition.


Content gets added to the Article Builder database weekly, and if enough people request a category, it will get added into the system. When ArticleBuilder first launched it only had 23 categories, but now there are 5 times as many.

Next you can input in an optional list of subtopic categories and choose your minimum word count. Article Builder can generate articles from 300 to 1000 words long.

Finally specify how many articles you want it to generate and press the button to spit out your new piece of content.

Article Builder Generated Article

There are a couple of Advanced Options you can also set that I wanted to highlight as well.

If you want to use Article Builder to generate articles you can use for blog networks like Traffic Kaboom and Authority Link Network, you can check the ‘Spin articles together’ option that combines all the article intros, body snippets, and conclusions together using spin formatted text.

There is also the option to generate articles with the same number of paragraphs, which is perfect for Unique Article Wizard users.

You also have the option to build articles using Super Spun Content. Using this option, your articles are guaranteed to be at least 75% unique and most of the time much higher than that.

How To Use Article Builder

The SEO landscape has changed a lot with the various Google algorithm updates. Blog networks like Build My Rank are long gone now, but courses like Backlinks XXX show that some of those old link building techniques still work great with a few adjustments.

The hardest part about implementing these sorts of techniques is getting the content to place your links on. You could write this content yourself, but that’s generally too manual and time consuming. You could hire some cheap writers, but usually the content is poorly written and the costs can still add up.

So for link building purposes, Article builder fits the bill quite nicely. The quality of the articles is decent which means you can use the generated articles with pretty much any SEO service or tool. For example, SENuke CR uses the ArticleBuilder API to generate content for its submissions.

Another use of Article Builder is for creating content on your own site. Now personally, I wouldn’t use it for that because I don’t think the articles are THAT good. They’re basically just generic tip based articles. But if you spend some time editing them, I suppose you could get the articles polished enough to post on your own site.

What’s interesting though, is that Jon leverages Article Builder with another service he offers called NicheJet. Basically he creates niche Adsense sites for his customers using Article Builder content, and he’s even shown that he’s able to get them ranking very highly for their chosen keywords. If you want to try this sort of thing yourself, you can also add your own blogs into Article Builder and it can automatically post articles to your blogs using a certain schedule.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using Article Builder since it first launched, and I’m quite happy I jumped in when I did. Jon always releases great products (The Best Spinner, Instant Article Wizard), and he does a great job of keeping them updated too.

Article Builder will cost you $297 a year. While that doesn’t sound cheap at first, you have to understand that writing content yourself is time consuming and paying for it will cost you way, way more. Lets say you use it to generate 5 articles a day, which is 1825 articles a year. That comes out to about 16 cents per article which is an amazing deal if you think about it.

So, if you really want to boost your link building by providing yourself with an unlimited source of content, give Article Builder a shot. It is certainly a product that is worth investing in.

This Article Builder review was originally published November 11, 2011.

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  1. Ron says

    Big fan of Article Builder, and well worth the price. Producing content for link building really adds up fast in terms of cost, so Article Builder is a real cost saver there.

    The only cons to Article Builder is that it doesn’t have all the categories I want. Even though it has more than 100 categories, where are the dating and music categories? I requested these topics a long time ago, and they still haven’t been added yet which is disappointing.

    • Josh says

      Yeah, it is curious why they wouldn’t have those 2 categories yet. They are big ones, with lots of affiliate opportunities.

  2. says

    This tool has just been recently integrated into senukex. Great combo.

    I am not totally sold on article builder producing original content, but it is what it is and you can mix articles with it. OK for backlinks but obviously not any good as blog content.
    Robert Kennedy recently posted..Achieving Your GoalsMy Profile

  3. says

    Are you still using this tool? Do you rate it as highly as you did back then?

    You say you don’t use it for BMR any more, is there a reason why?


  4. says

    I apologize, I hit submit before thanking you for the outstanding feedback you have previously provided us. Best wishes for huge profits in 2012.

    All my best,

    You can delete this post. I just wanted to than you for your hard work on the reviews you give us. I know it takes time away from your money-making projects.

  5. says

    I purchased Article Builder, but have been using it strictly on Web 2.0 free sites for linkbuilding. I wanted to know if you are still using the content for submission to Build My Rank? How about for EZA? I actually got an article accepted at ArticlesBase on a whim, but I never followed up with another effort. I figured I was just lucky.

    What kind of update can you give us?

    • Josh says

      I don’t regularly do it anymore, but I always have been successfully able to post ArticleBuilder articles to BMR. I’ve never tried with EZA.

      If you want to guarantee acceptance though, make sure to proofread the generated articles before you submit them.

    • Josh says

      Hi Greg. Yeah, I was doing that. Basically just reading through it once and proofreading it to make it read better and make it a little more unique.

      However, Jon is starting to add these super-spun articles to the different categories of Article Builder. This pretty much takes care of any uniqueness concerns, especially if you are primarily using these articles for link building purposes.

  6. says

    So you say your articles got approved at BMR? That is very cool! I wonder if there will be enough content no to make things duplicate at one point… how much time do you spend on an article to “make it unique”? Anyway, it would be great to produce unique articles in less than 5 minutes and if BMR accpeted them, probably Ezine Articles and other article directories would do too.

    • Josh says

      Yup, small sample size, but all articles have been approved so far. I just spend a couple of minutes editing each article to make sure it sounds good.

  7. says

    hi josh, just want to followup with your BMR test using this Article Builder.. i am interested if BMR will approve these kinds of articles.. i too is outsourcing my BMR snippets.. hope you can let us know. Thanks (pinoy?)

    • Josh says

      Hi Elizar,

      So far so good. I’ve posted 10 articles generated using Article Builder to Build My Rank and all of them have been approved. And half of them have been indexed already by Google.

  8. says

    I’m very interested in your experiment. I’ve been thinking hard about this product, but was worried about copied content. It took a lot of guts to plunk down the $197. Good luck. Please let us know what you see as the main drawbacks.

    • Josh says

      Hi Cade. So far, I haven’t had any problems getting my generated articles approved. I do spend a couple of minutes touching each article up though, but that’s me trying to make things as unique as possible. Probably the biggest drawback at this point is that Article Builder might not have the categories you’re interested in. But there is a form to request more topics, and knowing Jon, I’d bet that Article Builder is going to keep improving by leaps and bounds in the coming months

  9. says

    When you start using program like this maybe it’s time to stop blogging or even stop producing content. Where’s the originality where the uniqueness of ones content. A blogosphere with software like this is sad new for the future or written content in my opinion. Well who am I to talk maybe it will produce some seriously good stuff.

  10. says

    Yes, got the same email from Jon and watched the demo video with great interest. As his Spinner has been top notch, this product could be the ticket!

    At first I had the old deja vu of the ill fated IContentRobot, I personally know that Jon is not a novice to this biz and he doesn’t put his name on rubbish!

    I’ll be watching your blog for updates on how it’s been going for you! If well, then I just may purchase thru your link!

    Rock on!

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