ArticleRanks Review

ArticleRanks Review

One of the blog networks I have been using for a long time now is ArticleRanks. At first glance, it may seem similar to other public blog networks out there, but it does have a couple unique features that make it worth using. Not only that, but I’ve done some case studies with it that show I can get results with it. So in this ArticleRanks review, I am going to share with you what makes it one of the more effective blog networks you can start using.

ArticleRanks 2.0 relaunched in June, 2011 and it featured a newly revamped interface and some significant changes to it’s membership plans. Like other public blog networks, Article Ranks allows you to submit spun articles and add links back to your sites (up to 3 links per submission).

ArticleRanks Membership Options

ArticleRanks now has 3 different membership options and it is still one of the few blog networks left that allow you to make submissions for free. There is a catch though. You have to add your own sites to the ArticleRanks network to receive content. Depending on the page rank of the blogs you add, you will build up credits which you can use in turn can be used to submit your own articles.

Until very recently, I had been using the ArticleRanks free plan and it is still quite effective. The downside of the free plan is that you are limited to promoting only 5 sites at a time. Article syndication rates also seem lower on the free plan than the paid plans. So with the free plan I was typically getting my articles sent out to about 20-30 blogs per submission.

ArticleRanks Dashboard

If you decide to go with a paid plan, you can choose between the Starter and Pro Plans. The Starter Plan is a very reasonable at only $39.99/month. This allows you to promote up to 10 different sites at a time. The Pro Plan is quite a bit more expensive at $89.99/month. However, this plan allows you to promote unlimited sites and send out unlimited articles. So which plan you choose, depends on your link building needs.

If you only have a couple sites to promote, then the free and Starter plans are perfectly fine. If you have a lot of sites like I do, then you may want to opt for the Pro plan.

Using ArticleRanks

ArticleRanks uses the standard { ~ } syntax for its submissions. It does include its own internal spinner, but I normally use Vita Vee’s Ultra Spinnable Articles or the Super Spun articles generated by Article Builder and there are no problems directly submitting either one. If you are trying to use your spun articles across multiple networks, I would suggest you use this SpinnerTools site to help you convert your articles to the appropriate ArticleRanks syntax.

ArticleRanks has a fairly standard submission interface, but I’ve always felt it’s slightly inefficient. For example, trying to preview your article is a multi-step process that is hampered by the fact that the ArticleRanks server seems to be consistently sluggish and slow.

The interface is also pretty quirky with certain browsers. For example, when using Google Chrome, it messes up the formatting of your articles until you save it and re-edit again. This is not a show-stopper, but you will probably save yourself some grief by using Firefox instead.

ArticleRanks Results

ArticleRanks does have a large established network of blogs. It is mostly a mix of user contributed blogs and blogs added by the ArticleRanks owners themselves. The PageRank of the blogs are not particularly high and I have found that the average PR of sites in the network is less than 1. However the IP diversity of the network is pretty good which means you will be getting backlinks from a wide range of IP addresses which is very important for good rankings.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can check out the ArticleRanks case study we did over at the Link Building Lab. I even show how I was able to rank a site I built from scratch just using ArticleRanks submissions.

One nice feature that ArticleRanks has recently introduced is the fact that it now build backlinks to your submitted articles. That’s right, backlinks to your backlinks. It uses social bookmarking sites to do this, and it is certainly something that does improve the indexing rate of your articles. This is a nice advantage that ArticleRanks offers that many other blog networks don’t.

ArticleRanks Pros

  • Use for free if you submit sites to network.
  • Good network IP diversity.
  • Automatically builds backlinks to backlinks.

ArticleRanks Cons

  • Buggy when using with Google Chrome.
  • Slow and quirky submission interface.

ArticleRanks Final Thoughts

I have been using ArticleRanks for a long time now, and I am still quite happy with it. It is a reliable blog network that consistently delivers good results. I do wish they could somehow fix the general slowness of their server, but for now it’s just something to deal with.

If you are just starting out with building backlinks using blog networks, then ArticleRanks is certainly one of the first networks you should try. Start yourself out with the free plan, and then upgrade from there when you need to.

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  1. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the review. I had one question…
    When someone signs up, how do they actually sign up for a specific plan? I see that I can buy credits but do those get transferred into a specific plan? How does that work? thanks!

    • Hi Mike. Just go to the Upgrade menu and you can select which plan you want from there. If you go with a paid plan, then you won’t need credits anymore since you get unlimited submissions.

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