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Bring the Fresh is an IM course and membership site created by Kelly Felix and his partner Mike Long. Both are well known in the IM world and have earned well over 20 million a year online. Bring The Fresh is focused on showing its members step how to make money online with niche affiliate sites through video tutorials and it’s private members only forum.

I had heard good things about Bring the Fresh for a long time now. The site first launched in January of 2010. The WarriorForum Internet Reviews section has a thread about Bring the Fresh which an impressive 328 posts and 45k views at the time of this review. I spent some time reading through the thread and the overwhelming consensus was that there was some really great value inside.

While I wasn’t looking to sign up for another membership type site, I finally gave in recently and thought it would be interesting to give Bring the Fresh a try.

My first impression I had after visiting the site though was, “Man, that’s an ugly site”. It has a bright yellow color scheme with the interesting tomato logo.

Here’s a look inside:

Bring The Fresh Members Area

After examining the content though I can kind of see what they’re going for here. Basically, it’s a way of showing you that anybody can make money online, and you don’t need to have any special skills or a lot of money to do so.

If you have been in the IM space awhile now, you may have heard of a hugely successful IM e-Book awhile back called The Rich Jerk. It made a ton of money, and the guy behind it was Kelly Felix. Before reading the rest of this Bring the Fresh review, spend 15 minutes or so read his life story on his personal blog. It’s a really interesting and highly motivational story, and it will help you understand what Kelly is bringing to the table with Bring The Fresh.

What is Bring The Fresh?

Basically Bring the Fresh revolves around the SEO system that Kelly Felix developed to get his sites ranking at the top of Google. He and Mike Long have both used this system to create countless numbers of these profitable niche sites. The whole thing is detailed in the Fast Start Guide, which is a PDF that you can download when you first login to the site.

Of course, many different IM courses and products claim to teach you the same stuff that Bring the Fresh does. Where BTF differs though is that Kelly and Mike are willing to share the actual domains of their own sites.

So within 5 minutes of signing up, you can see that the system works by going to Google and seeing their sites show up in the top positions that they claim.

This is huge, and a reason why the course is so popular Because who wants to waste the time following a SEO system that doesn’t work. Or one that used to work, but now doesn’t because of the recent Google Panda updates.

Being able to validate their claims definitely gives you the confidence you need to take action and start to implement the Bring the Fresh system yourself.

That said, the techniques that Bring the Fresh demonstrates aren’t particularly new. I myself have been using a variation of this type of link building system for a long time now and it’s the reason why ranks so well for hundreds of really good keywords. So I know the BTF system works, and I can personally vouch for it.

Heck, if you came to this site via Google while searching for a Bring the Fresh review then you know it still works at this very moment!

Bring the Fresh Video Training

The Fast Start Guide really does a good job, and you can start implementing the strategies inside within a day of reading it. However, Bring the Fresh is also packed with additional video training as well.

Inside, you’ll find the Fast Start Videos which expand on the concepts illustrated by the guide. There’s videos on Market Research, choosing the right affiliate offers, and even a step-by-step video by Kelly on how to he builds his money making websites from scratch. These are particular well suited for people new to making money online.

There’s also a whole Interview Series of videos where Mike and Kelly interview each other and give you a behind the scenes look at their business. The Latest Case Studies videos has some really great content as well, with interviews from Bring The Fresh members like Tiffany Dow and Rick Rivera who have really gone on to make it big after using the course.

Bring The Fresh Mike Long Video

One downside of the videos though that I will mention is that they are now relatively old. The Market Research series that Kelly did were from May 2010. In the first video, he shares the exact keywords he used to make 1.6 million in 2 years, which is interesting to hear about, but not especially useful with all that has happened to Google Adwords since then. Still many of the basic concepts are still valid, and there are some really useful tips in each video.

Bring the Fresh Forum

The true value I think you’ll get from being a Bring the Fresh member is the forum. The first thing I always check out with any IM forum I join are the success stories. It’s one thing for people to be posting positive reviews on places like the WarriorForum where people’s motives can be slightly suspect. It’s another thing to see people posting success stories on the product’s forum itself.

Since July 2010 when the forum opened there have been:

244 threads and 3122 posts

Bring The Fresh Success Stories

Just to compare it with one of my favorite private forums PPV Playbook which has

109 threads and 1737 posts

PPV Playbook Success Stories

PPV Playbook is about 7 months older, so that’s really an impressive number of success stories over at Bring the Fresh.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the latest threads in that forum:

Bring The Fresh Forum

Joining a community like Bring The Fresh can invaluable. It gives you the accountability you need to put in the work. It also provides the validation you need to keep going even when things aren’t going your way. And of course, to get the most out of any forum, you have to ask questions.

The most impressive aspect of the Bring the Fresh forum though is that Kelly and Mike continue to remain active participants and are truly accessible. Kelly currently has over 2000 posts while Mike has around 200. It would be easy for them to hire a few moderators to manage the forum while they go off and do other things. But Kelly is especially active on the forum and you’ll see he posts daily on the forum.

Bring the Fresh Final Thoughts

Bring the Fresh is aimed towards marketers who want to earn a passive income by creating their own money making niche sites, by getting them to rank in the first page of Google for your keywords. The system does work, but keep in mind, you will need to invest additional money in some of the tools that the system requires.

This includes buying domains, web hosting, and signup up to the recommended link building services. But if you’re able to do this, then I think you’ll be happy with all the content that is inside Bring the Fresh.

If you’re looking for an easy to follow system, and you’re someone that’s looking to be guided by marketers who have done it before then you should definitely consider joining Bring the Fresh. The basic membership is just a $97 one time fee.

Kelly Felix and Mike Long have created an IM community with some immense value, so give it a shot if you are looking to make money online.

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