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SEO Link Monster

I just got an email from Brad Callen, talking about the upcoming launch of his new product, SEO Link Monster. This new sevice is a collaboration between Brad, his brother Matt Callen and Dori Friend.

I honestly don’t know much about Dori, but I have bought many of Brad and Matt’s products in the past. Two of them that I have used quite a bit are SEOLinkVine and My Article Network. Both are popular blog networks that have done a good job in the past of increasing the Google rankings of many of my own sites.

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I pretty much test every link building system or service that comes out. So even though the details about SEO Link Monster are scarce, I am now eagerly anticipating the launch when it comes out on February 7th, 2012.

I will probably be first in line to fork over my money for it, sight unseen. :)

What Do We Know About SEO Link Monster?

Not much really.

SEO Link Monster Mascot

So far, I have just heard that it is going to be some sort of automated link building system combined with a huge link building network. Is it going to be a brand new network or will it be a part of SEOLV or MAN? That will be interesting to find out when it launches.

Brad has also mentioned that SEO Link Monster will be scalable, meaning that the more members join, the better results everyone will see. I’m also very curious to see what this means.

Price-wise, it looks like the service will cost $47 for the first 30 days, and then $147 a month after. This puts it in the same pricing range as SENuke X and LinkVana.

As more details come out, I will keep this SEO Link Monster review updated with the latest info. And of course when I get a chance to test out the system myself, I will put together my full, in-depth review as well.

SEO Link Monster Review – First Impressions

*** Feb 7, 2012 Update ***

Well, I just signed up for my account a few minutes after launch. After purchasing, got hit with several upsells, downsells and OTO’s which I just skipped over.

The SEO Link Monster interface looks pretty familiar and they seemed to have taken a lot of elements from SEO Link Vine. It comes with a built in article spinner and you also get access to a desktop software app called Rankerizer to help check your keyword rankings.

Submitting your articles is extremely streamlined. All you need to do is input your spun article title and spun article content. No need to select any categories or any other options which is actually pretty nice.

The one obvious thing that is missing is a preview function so you can see how your articles will look. The workaround is to Save and Publish your article first. Then you have the option to view your article and edit it again if you find any mistakes.

Of course I’ve only just started to use SEO Link Monster and I don’t have any hard data on it at the moment. But here are some of the things I know about it so far.

  • It’s a private blog network.
  • Mix of PR0-PR3 blogs
  • Will distribute to a max of 14 submissions per day
  • Gives you access to all your posted urls

If you want to play around with it yourself, $47 for the first month seems like a pretty good deal. Whether it’s worth $147 a month after that is hard to say, but at least you will have a good opportunity to see if it works for you, before you make the decision.

*** Feb 25, 2012 Update ***

Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of testing, it looks like SEO Link Monster is experiencing some major issues. One of them being that many of the sites are articles have been posted on have suddenly become de-indexed by Google. Until they fix this problem, I cannot recommend anyone to use this network.

Please visit for the full story, plus a look at some alternative, safer blog networks that you can use instead.

SEO Link Monster Bonus

My partner in crime Chris has put together a really nice looking SEO Link Monster Bonus package for anyone who buys through his link.

Unlike other bonuses that are sure to be out there, it’s not the same, old junk that everyone else is offering. Check it out if you want to make the most out of your SEO Link Monster subscription.

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  1. I signed up for S.L.M. and must point out that I’ve not been too happy with the results. Using the recommended software, Rankerizer, I have only seen an extra 11 links to an uinternal page in one month of membership. When I queried this I was given a whole raft of stats from SEO Majestic indicating that everything in the garden is rosey and in the same breath an implication that Rankerizer (which they promoted) must be at fault. For what this network is costing I feel ther results are not up to the required standard.

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