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Below, you will find my review of IM Eye, the revolutionary new keyword research tool developed by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

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Are you tired of all the same boring keyword research tools? Well wait till you see what IM Eye brings to the table…

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have come up with a brand new way to find profitable, money making keywords. With the revolutionary new IM Eye tool, they’ve turned the keyword research process upside down.

How is IM Eye different?

With other keyword tools, you would have to think of a specific seed keyword and enter it into your favorite tool. Minutes later, your tool returns to you a list of relevant and not so relevant keywords to your initial seed keyword. Then you’d have to go through the entire list of results yourself and choose a few you might want to explore further.

From this this list of keywords you then have to go and perform additional research to find out if you really want to build a site around it. If you’re into SEO, you’d look at the number of searches and the competition. For PPC, you might look at the CPC and how many advertisers are bidding on that keyword.

After all this, you might end up with a couple of usable keywords. But how long did that take you? One hour, two hours? There must be an easier way, right?

Introducing IM Eye!

There’s a new keyword research tool in town, and it’s called IM Eye. Unlike traditional keyword tools, you don’t need to type in a seed keyword. Instead, IM Eye has its own database of millions of highly searched keywords in its database. In addition to the keywords themselves, IM Eye stores valuable data together with each keyword. This includes:

  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Competing Pages
  • In Title competition
  • Adwords High CPC/Adwords High Position
  • Adwords Low CPC/Adwords Low Position
  • Advertiser competition
  • Keyword Length
  • Ecommerce flag
  • Domain Match
    • Any exact domain matches in Google Top 10
    • Any Ezinearticles in Google Top 10
    • Any Youtube videos in Google Top 10
    • Any Amazon results in Google Top 10
    • Any Yahoo answers in Google Top 10
    • Any Web 2.0 properties (Hubpages, Squidoo, etc) in Google Top 10
  • Clickbank Products
  • Affiliate Categories

IM Eye Results

What IM Eye allows you to do is filter the results from it’s keyword database using the data above. For example, if you want to look for keywords suitable for Adsense sites, you could ask IM Eye to return you keywords that have greater than 15,000 monthly searches, less than 50k competing pages, less than 30k In title competition, and a Adwords High CPC greater than $5.00. IM Eye will then return the results to you almost instantly.

That’s just one example of what IM Eye can do, but it can actually do a whole lot more. You will have access to lots of IM Eye training videos, put together by Steve Clayton himself to help you get the most out of IM Eye.

Get IM Eye Today

IM Eye finds you money making keywords FAST!

With IM Eye, you no longer have to spend a ton of time sifting through irrelevant keywords. Instead, you can now concentrate on setting up your site around your keyword and get it ranking well in the SERPS and making you money.

Here are all the benefits of using IM Eye:

  • IM Eye is fast! Results returned within a couple of seconds
  • No need to think of seed keywords
  • No need to sift through crappy keywords
  • Accessible from any computer with web access
  • Save your favorite keywords between sessions
  • Export results to CSV file
  • Be notified when any domains for keyword are available

IM Eye is great, but this is only just the beginning. Steve and Tim have some great plans for IM Eye in the future as well. New keywords are added everyday, and the IM Eye database at its peak will have over 3 to 5 million keywords. Plus additional data will be analyzed including Adwords ads for each keyword. IM Eye is super easy to use, so secure your spot today and start making some money!

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