A 5 Step Guide To Getting More Social Traffic To Your Site

Are you struggling to get social traffic to your blog?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to share with you a technique I came up with that will get you top rankings in Google while flooding your site with social traffic.

This is a strategy I’ve used a few times and it gets me a constant source of Twitter traffic and followers, not to mention rankings for keywords in Google.

Step 1: Choose a keyword

The first step is to choose the keyword you’d like to rank for.  I recommend targeting a keyword with relatively low competition, like 100-1,000 searches per month on Google.  You can reuse this technique to get more rankings and search traffic too.

Here are two of my favorite techniques for finding good keywords:

1. Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can see the keywords that sent your site traffic under Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic.  You’ll probably find hundreds or even thousands of keywords that sent you 1-2 visitors.


This is a fantastic source of new keywords because you know that each of them is being searched for and they may not be easy to discover with Google’s keyword tool (that means lower competition).  All you have to do is make a page specifically targeting one.

Once you find this list, export it and run the keywords through Google’s keyword tool to get an estimated search volume for each.  Now you can pick out one that looks promising.

2. Ubersuggest

When you type a query into Google, it automatically makes suggestions for you in a dropdown menu as you type.  Ubersuggest will automatically scrape all of these suggestions for you.

One of the most effective ways to use the tool is to type in the beginning of a question specific to your niche.  For instance, if you have a blog about sewing, you could search for “how to sew” and you’ll get a ton of queries that real people are searching for like “how to sew a zipper”.


Step 2: Create Something Awesome

The next step is to put together an awesome mini-product.  The easiest way is to put together a small ebook like a report.  If you pick a keyword that is based on a specific subject, it makes it easy to write a very detailed, yet short ebook on the matter.

Sticking with the example above, a visual ebook called “how to sew a zipper” would be great.  Take it the extra step and add some bonuses to make it really appealing for visitors to download.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you’re trying to rank for a keyword, always perform a close inspection of the current top 3 results and make sure yours will be better.  Don’t leave out anything that visitors could find on another result.

Step 3: Prepare a Small Launch

Since you put all that effort into creating a killer ebook, you should maximize your results by setting up a mini-launch for your free giveaway.

1. Email Your List

This is pretty straightforward.  You should schedule a broadcast using Aweber, or whatever email service you use, to tell your subscribers about your free giveaway.

2. Notify Your Social Networks

Share the link to your giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and any other networks you use.

Bonus Tip: Use Stumbleupon’s link shortener.  This way you will automatically submit your freebie to StumbleUpon and whenever a visitor uses your link they are taken there with the StumbleUpon bar at the top of the screen.  This helps get you more ‘thumbs-ups’ and gain more SU traffic.

3. Use JustRetweet


JustRetweet is an easy way to multiply your social traffic.  You can login with Twitter and then add the Tweet that you want others to Retweet.  This is my favorite Twitter service because I can control the amount of credits others receive for Retweeting and also the lowest number of followers they can have to Retweet my Tweet.

Last time I used it I got 9 Retweets by real people with an average of 3,500 followers.

If you use the StumbleUpon link shortener you’ll also be able to view the amount of clicks your link got.

Step 4: Give it Away with Cloudflood

Now here’s the big detail I left out until now: you’re going to giveaway your freebie with CloudFlood.

CloudFlood requires visitors to either Tweet or share your freebie on Facebook.  I used to use Pay With a Tweet but I like CloudFlood much more because your visitors can enter any message they want.  This way, they still share the link with their followers, but they can say it in their own way.

Cloud_flood by ViperChill

When given more control, people choose to download more often.

Now to put this all in perspective, you are going to get people Tweeting about your freebie that were:

  • from your email list
  • following you on twitter
  • from JustRetweet
  • following your blog

All of this Twitter social traffic multiplies on itself as more people download and share it.  This can go on for days before the cycle dies and you’re left waiting on the next download to get the ball rolling again.

But this is why you chose a keyword, so you would have an unending supply of Twitter traffic and new followers.

Step 5: Build Links

Once you get one of the top 1-3 spots for your keyword, it’s game over.

New people will find your freebie through Google every day.  They Tweet it, more people Retweet it, and so on and so forth forever.

Getting that rank isn’t hard either because everything is in your favor.  The keyword research techniques I explained earlier will help you find long-tail keywords that are already easy to rank for, and you’re giving away a freebie = easy links.

The first thing you can do is to ask bloggers in your niche to mention it in an upcoming post.  If you’ve got some good connections they may be more than happy to help you out.  You can also take things into your own hands and write a guest post for them and link to the freebie.

Another simple way to build links is in your comments on other blogs and you can mention it whenever relevant on any forums that you frequent.

Over time, because of the links you’ll build and naturally acquire, and because of all the social sharing, your page will eventually ranks itself at the top.  It’s really only a matter of time.

You can always  give it another dose of JustRetweet juice to pick things back up or link to it in new blog posts you publish if things get to slow for your liking.

This technique has worked out great for me, so please try it out for yourself and see how much social traffic it helps you get. I’d be interested in hearing how it’s worked for you.

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  1. says

    Awesome post! I love ubbersuggest for long tail keyword research. This is a coo way to rank, get RTs and traffic to your site. CloudFlood is new to me, looks like Glenn from ViperChill?

  2. says

    Awesome post! I love ubbersuggest for long tail keyword research. This is a coo way to rank, get RTs and traffic to your site. CouldFlood is new to me, looks like Glenn from ViperChill?

      • says

        Oh great! Be sure to notify me once you’ve done that and you can also submit that review to earn bonus credits.

        Also feel free to contact me directly with feedback. We have been making updates based on our user feedback, so that’s very valuable to us.

  3. says

    I think that this is a nice method to bring you some social traffic. I will try it out for myself. Also JustRetweet is a great tool. That’s how I ended up here. Keep up the great work.

  4. says

    Really great advice! I hadn’t even heard of CloudFlood or Ubersuggest – learn something new everyday! Can’t wait to try them out, though. Have been using JustRetweet for a long time now and it’s a great way to build up an awesome community of people that really enjoy helping each other out. :)

    Keep up the great content!

  5. says

    Hello Josh,
    This is an awesome post which i love. justretweet is one great place to share a content and get known. and it also makes your blog has social presence.
    i haven’t tried cloudfood before but i’ll give em a try and see how it goes.

  6. says

    Hi Josh, CloudFlood and Pay With A Tweet… looks very interesting. I will give them both a try at some point in the future. But I love using JustRetweet because it is so simple to use, and the results that I have been getting from using the service. Has been fantastic.

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