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As someone with a large and growing network of niche sites, being able to host them on different class C IP address is very important to me. This allows me to leverage the more powerful sites that I own and pass link juice to my new and still developing sites in my blog network. This helps my sites get ranked higher and more quickly because I can easily create contextual, strong, and diverse (from different IPs) links from my own sites. These are some of the best kind of backlinks you can get.

To do this, I’ve started to host many of my sites using SEO hosting. With SEO hosting, plans include multiple Class C IP addresses that you can host your blogs on. Most SEO web hosts offer plans in blocks of 5 IP addresses each, and you can easily upgrade your plans to get more IP addresses as you need them. Since these are Class C IP addresses, each IP address you get is seen as different from every other IP addresses in your account.

I’ve tried a couple of SEO hosting companies, including, but I think I’ve finally settled on the best SEO Hosting provider. The web host is called aSEOHosting and they’ve been getting a lot of buzz lately among internet marketers.

First of all, their plans start at $4.75 per IP per month which is an awesome deal. Hosting at by comparison, will cost you $7 per IP per month. Second, their support is really good. Every time I have sent a question to their support desk, I’ve always received a response back very quickly. Lastly, the other major difference between aSEOHosting and is that each of the IP addresses you get are dedicated and not shared. This means that only you can use your assigned IP, which is a nice benefit you normally pay extra for at other places.

aseohosting plans

If you are used to shared hosting, SEO hosting is a little bit more complex to setup then you may be used to. Although, it really isn’t that bad once you go through the process once. For each IP address you use, you need to create a new account using WHM. To do this, you just need to assign one of your domains as your main account name and then set a package for the account. A package just determines the resources that each plan gets (diskspace, bandwidth, databases, add-on accounts etc).

Once you’ve created your account, everything can then be managed through cPanel. Since most web hosts use cPanel, this should be familiar to most of you. This is the place where you can add more addon domains, create databases and install your WordPress blogs.

Some Things You Can Do With SEO Hosting

As mentioned above, SEO Hosting allows you to do some really cool things. Besides allowing you to more efficiently pass link juice to your own blogs, you can also install a script like Backlink Index Express to automatically get your links indexed more quickly.

If you are willing to spend money and buy some high ranked domains, you can also make your very own link building network. Instead of paying money to use someone else’s network, you can leverage sites you own to make one yourself. This of course takes some time to get off the ground, but once you do, it’s well worth it. The only way to do this effectively though is by using some type of SEO hosting.

As you can see, there are many things to like about aSEOHosting. The plans they have are some of the best I’ve seen (starting at $23.75 for 5 IPs), and their support is top notch. They also have a full 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try them out yourself at no risk to you. If you’re looking for some good, reliable SEO Hosting, I highly recommend them.

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