Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins


There are plenty of Best WordPress Plugins posts out there, but I have my own set of favorite wordpress plugins and I figured I’d share them with you guys. I’ve broken them down into categories so you can find the ones that fit your needs. Keep in mind that some of these plugins are free and some are paid.

I’ll keep the list updated as I find new wordpress plugins to add to the list.

Best Internet Marketing Plugins

Smart Affiliate Links – This is a must have plugin for anyone making money with SEO and affiliate products. Why? Because it answers the critical question: Which keywords that I’m trying to rank for are leading to sales? Instead of trying to rank for every keyword under the sun, I can focus on the select few that are actually making me money. Plus, the plugin acts as a terrific link cloaker and url shortener as well.

Popup Domination – Have you seen those nice looking popup email opt-in forms that all the A-List bloggers are using? Turns out, they are using this awesome wordpress plugin called PopUp Domination. PopUp Domination comes with several high converting optin templates, so it saves you from having to design your optin forms yourself. I’m using it on this site to promote my Link Building Lab list, and I’ve seen over a 300% increase in my opt-in subscribers. (My Popup Domination review)

Backlink Energizer – If you use any link building service or software, you know that one of the biggest issues you’ll face is getting all those backlinks indexed. And if your links aren’t getting indexed, they aren’t helping you in the SERPs. Backlink Energizer is a really easy to use wordpress plugin that allows you to drop in your backlinks and get them indexed by automatically posting them on your own Backlink Energizer clusters (Web 2.0 properties + WP blogs). It works great and I’ve been really impressed by the results I’m getting with it. (My Backlink Energizer review)

WP Robot – Autoblogs are all the rage these days. Courses like Auto Blog Blueprint do a great job of explaining how to use autoblogs to make money on autopilot. If you decide to go this route, then you need to get your hands on WP Robot, the best autoblogging wordpress plugin. WP Robot is packed with features that make autoblogging easy. WP Robot allows you to autopost content from a variety of sources including Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube, Ebay, Flickr, Yahoo answers and a ton more. Plus, with its powerful translation module the plugin can rewrite any post and make it unique. Very cool!

Best Free WordPress Plugins

W3 Total Cache – This is hands-down, the best WordPress caching plugin available. You’ll see a noticeable improvement on the page load times on your blog the moment you install it. And now that Google takes into account the page load times for SEO purposes, using a caching plugin becomes all the more important.

Google XML Sitemaps – It’s a well known fact that having a sitemap will help the search engines index your posts and pages properly. This free plugin will create your sitemap for you automatically and also notify Google, Yahoo, MSN about any updates to your blog. It’s quite customizable as well and lets you control what posts get added to your sitemap.

PostMash – By default, WordPress always displays your posts in chronological order. Sometimes though, you want to have more control over the order in which your posts are displays. That’s what PostMash does. It displays all the posts on your blog and it allows you to re-arrange their order via a simple drag and drop interface. I find it quite handy when I have certain posts that I would like be displayed first.

Crawl Rate Tracker – This plugin logs all the visits from the major search engine bots and displays a nice chart telling you how often your content is being indexed. You can see the crawl rate stats for each of your pages and it gives you a decent idea of how popular your content is with the search engines.

WordPress Database Backup – If you have a ton of wordpress blogs like I do, then you need an efficient way to backup your blogs easily. This is what the WordPress Database Backup plugin does. Just set it up to automatically send you a backup copy of your WP database to your email, and you never have to be worried about losing your data. This plugin is a must install.

Best SEO WordPress Plugins

Pingback Optimizer – One problem with link building is that not every link you build gets indexed, which means no link juice for your site. This plugin takes all the pingbacks/trackbacks pointing to your site (your backlinks) and gets them indexed by creating an RSS feed of them and submitting the feed to RSS aggregator sites. It works great, and my backlink indexeing rate has improved dramatically since I started using it on this site. (Read my full review)

Google Video Sitemap – What’s the easiest way to get top rankings in the search engines? By using the Google Video Sitemap plugin to promote your videos. Do a query for SEO Link Vine Review. The 2nd result is a video from that’s using the Google Video Sitemap plugin. Notice it’s not just a Youtube video. It’s actually a video embedded in the site itself. The plugin is super easy to use and there’s not a lot of competition for most keyword terms. If you do video reviews, this is a plugin you need to get.

What are your top WordPress plugins? Let me know your favorites in the comments.

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  1. says

    I recommend the Yoast WordPress plugin. You can customize the SEO settings and now you can check the SEO quality score. Just enter your main keyword or phrase for that particular post, and a green light means it’s good, red is bad. Very handy tool!

  2. says

    Intersting wordpress options. I am surprised that there are not more suggestions for ecommerce. Many people are using wordpress for ecommerce, not just blog platforms.

  3. Angel Lee says

    After looking through your list (fantastic list by the way), I just want to add one more to the list – EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress. I believe it used to be a paid plugin but the owner has made it free recently; it’s an all-in-one advertisement plugin that allows you to test different popular advertising methods on wordpress powered websites. I personally have tested it on my blogs (WP 3.x) and it works great. If you want to find out more about it you can visit

    I don’t think you can find it on the official list but it’s indeed a gem!

    Just my 2 cents!


  4. says

    Good list. Thanks a lot. I have not heard of Crawl Rate Tracker. Will check that out.

    I dont see where GhostURL is really any different than other plugins. Have to check out your review on that one I guess.

  5. says

    Nice list of plugins. Google XML sitemaps is a must. I forgot to install it after a complete site do over and my rankings were dropping like a lead balloon. Installed it and we were in Helium City!

  6. says

    We’re always looking for ways to improve our blog SEO. Hadn’t heard of the W3 Total Cache, we’ll try it out and see if it really does improve the page load times in WordPress. Faster loads should help improve the readers experience, which would also help raise search engine ratings. Thanks for the tips on these plugins!

  7. says

    Thanks for the useful plugins. I’m stoke about the Crawl Rate Tracker and the Backlink Energizer. Your tips will help me greatly. Usually bloggers post the same old plugins, however, you’ve actually added some useful ones.


  8. says

    I like your list Josh! I’ve been using WP Robot for my autoblogs and it rocks! I use it to create blog networks for different niches. Then I monetize them using Adsense and it’s great for some added link juice as well.

  9. says

    How about Post Types Order, it allow a post types ordering, something like what PostMash does but for all post custom types including posts and pages. It also order the posts for admin and front side template.

  10. says

    I actually didn’t know about Pretty Link and Post Mash. For my affiliate redirects I create HTML pages and use a redirect in the head. I’m sure this is not the best way to do this. So pretty link is on my list of plugins to install.

    The Post Mash might make a blog look bad. Most blogs don’t shuffle their posts. But I can see it’s usefulness. I’ve often wanted to bring an old post back. I’ll look into this. Good stuff..thanks

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