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Woo Themes is well known for its huge selection of premium wordpress themes. This is awesome for someone like me who has developed hundreds of different niche websites. It’s boring to use the same WordPress theme for all of them, and that’s why I enjoy subscribing to Woo Themes’ Club Membership. It gives me access to the entire Woo Themes collection, plus two new WordPress themes a month. In this Woo Themes review, I am going to share with you my five favorite Woo Themes that I’ve used in my business.

1. Inspire

Woo Themes Inspire

Inspire is a beautiful looking portfolio style theme. If you sell any products, this is a great theme for showing them off. The top of the theme includes a great looking JQuery powered feature panel that lets you showcase the benefits of the product.

2. Headlines

Woo Themes Headlines

Headlines is a slick looking magazine style theme. It can be used for almost any type of niche site you want. It has 4 different ad spots which you can use for your banners or Adsense ads.

3. Mainstream

Woo Themes Mainstream

Woo Theme also has a nice selection of free WordPress themes and Mainstream is one of them. I like this colorful theme and it’s great for blogs. It also includes 5 different color schemes to choose from and it’s also very easy to integrate in your own ads.

4. WooTube

Woo Themes Woo Tube

I have a couple of video heavy sites, and I really like using WooTube for them. It’s also good for any gallery type sites you might want to create and it integrates the WP-PostRatings plugin so your users can rate your content.

5. TypeBased

Woo Themes Typebased

This is another free Woo Theme that reminds me a lot of Tumblr. It’s simple, nice looking and can be used with a lot of different types of sites.

These are just some of my favorite Woo Themes. Check out their Theme Gallery to see a full catalog of available Woo Themes. Each theme has a description of what it includes, plus a demo so you can see exactly how it works. If you are in the market for a huge selection of great looking, premium WordPress Themes, definitely give Woo Themes a look.

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    For anybody who may have missed it, last week we announced on the WPBundle progress blog that we were joining forces with the awesome WooThemes on our latest project, the WordPress Bundle

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