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If you have read this site for any amount of time, you probably know that I am a big fan of Jonathan Leger and his products. Both The Best Spinner and Article Builder are some of my favorite tools in my internet marketing toolbox.

Jon’s next product is an interesting keyword research tool called Keyword Canine. I’ll be writing an in-depth Keyword Canine review when it actually comes out, but for now I’m going to do a quick and dirty preview.

Keyword Canine, will be a web-based service and it currently has 3 main selling points: Keyword research, Niche Discovery and Backlink Reporting. Lets take a closer look at these 3 features.

Keyword Canine Keyword Research

Keyword Canine will allow you to do a search for any particular keyword and return you various metrics that allow you to judge the ranking difficulty of your chosen keyword, provides you with the keyword traffic stats, and a look at the SEO competition for that keyword.

Keyword Canine Keyword Research

Some of the metrics it will show you are:

  • Average Page Rank of Top Results
  • Number of Page Backlinks
  • Number of Site Backlinks
  • A single Difficulty Ranking score
  • Availability of exact match domains
  • Top 10 ranking sites in Google

Keyword Canine Niche Discovery

If you don’t have a keyword in mind, you can also take advantage of the niche discovery feature to help you find keywords to target. In the background, Keyword Canine will be continually analyzing its database of millions of keywords to find specific keywords that you can build niche sites around.

There will also be various filters that you can use to make it easier to sort through the list of keywords that it presents.

Keyword Canine Niche Discovery

Keyword Canine Backlink Reporting

Finally, Keyword Canine will include a backlinks report capability. This will be integrated with the keyword research reports, or you can just type in any url you want to bring up a backlink report.

The backlink report will include a breakdown of the anchor text, page rank, nofollow/dofollow, and alive status of each of the links to the page. Blekko is currently being used as the backlink data source.

Keyword Canine Backlinks Report

Initial Thoughts

While none of the Keyword Canine features are particularly groundbreaking, the service looks pretty interesting and I will definitely be testing out. Accuracy is the key, particular with the Difficulty ranking score and the Niche Discovery feature. If these work as promised, then Keyword Canine has the potential to be really useful for us marketers.

I have not seen any release date or pricing info yet. From looking at the feature set, I’m guessing that it will use a monthly subscription based model. As I learn more, I will be continually updating this post.

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    • Josh says

      It’s now available as I was able to get in yesterday. And yeah, supposedly the idea for Keyword Canine was by Josh Spaulding.

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